The Current Standard of Care is Ineffective



from Asthma and COPD in the U.S.

1 in 8 people are affected



60% of this population

has symptoms that are uncontrolled



on ER visits and hospitalizations

from Asthma and COPD


Following the treatment plan requires daily self assessment of symptoms, and the patient has to choose the right medication and dosage accordingly. 

The subjective assessment lacks compliance and often is error-prone, resulting in uncontrolled symptoms with frequent exacerbations. 


No clear visibility on the patient's symptoms and patient's condition outside the standard clinical setting.

This makes it challenging to understand the level of control, effectiveness of the treatment plan, and any proactive interventions in the case of exacerbations. 


First-of-its-kind Respiratory Health Platform

Patented Technology for Intelligent Health Monitoring

Transformative AI technology for passive continuous monitoring

With NO patient effort or behavior change required

Secure Web Platform for Clinicians

Daily updated risk-stratification along with actionable insights

Unprecedented visibility into the respiratory health of each patient

Patient Mobile Application

Guidance on following the treatment plan

Active monitoring and patient engagement

Curie's Solution Allows You to

Enable Personalized Care

Insights on patient's specific baselines based on longitudinal data

Insights on treatment effectiveness with data evidence

The Result: Help tailor the treatment plan



Adding More Value to Those Working in Value-Based Care




Curie provides a truly AI powered solution that will notify you when a patient needs your attention, making proactive interventions and significant cost savings  a snap. Since no action is required from the patient, compliance is nearly 100%. 

Curie can help you better manage your chronic population, improve patient outcomes and minimize unnecessary readmissions and ER visits. 

Curie understands the risk of capitated fee agreements. Our easy to use tools allow you and your networks to understand who is at risk and how to intervene. This allows significant reduction in the total cost of care, including expensive ER visits and hospitalizations. 


 Founding Team

Navya Davuluri

Founder, CEO

Sridhar Nemala

Co-Founder, Head of AI

Ravi Yalamanchili

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering

Briana Lynch

Clinical Operations Lead

Puneet Sidhu

Business Development Lead

Ramin Anushiravani

Applied Machine Learning Scientist

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